The NPP Home Page
The Nature Photographers' Portfolio is a small society of specialist nature and wildlife photographers based in the U.K. It's members circulate boxes of prints containing recent pictures demonstrating their work and offering them up for comment, while a notebook discusses issues of general interest. One of the fundamental objectives of the society is to provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and techniques used in modern nature photography. A weekend convention is held every 2 years during the Autumn months.

Kenneth Scott-Kilner founded the organisation in 1944 when monochrome prints were the only medium being used. By 1968 colour transparency film was widely in use and the boxes were extended to incorporate slides. Currently there are 6 print boxes in circulation. Digital printing has quickly become the standard within the portfolio with much debate on any manipulation that should be permitted.

In 2006 an online digital portfolio was started using the Flickr web site. This is proving a great success.

Membership is limited to 62 members. In new applicants for membership the society looks not just for photographic ability, but a proven interest and knowledge of natural history subjects. Usually samples of potential members work is submitted for review prior to acceptance. 
Seated from left. Roy Galloway, Dickie Duckett, Geoff White, Arthur Cundall, Michael Gore, Robert Hawkesworth, Barbara Hawkesworth.

Middle row from left.
Jane Rees, Margaret Preece, Peter Preece, John Davies, Margaret Kilner, Louis Rumis, Chris Knights, Shaun Boycott-Taylor, Patrick Whalley, Judith Follows, Peter Basterfield, Tony Howes, Gordon Holm, Edmund Fellowes, David Wain, Ken Webb, Tony Piola, Valerie Webb, Barbara Galloway.
Rear row from left.
John Ford, Mike Lane, Denis Kilner, Richard Chandler, Alan Dixon, Gordon Bramham, Dave Trotter, Koshy Johnson, Monica Gore, John Bebbington, Gordon Follows, John Tinning, Guy Huntington, John Combes, Roger Tidman.