Bob Webzell ARPS
Bob lives near Brighton and is kept very busy teaching at Thames Valley University, London.  He is also Secretary and Past-President of Brighton and Hove Camera Club.  Traditionally a colour slide worker, Bob has more recently done much successful work with monochrome slides and has just purchased his first digital camera, the Canon D10 to compliment his original EOS SLR system and lenses.
Bob's photographic interests are quite catholic and he is as happy photographing street children in troubled cities in monochrome as he is stalking a Roe Deer on Dartmoor.  Photo-opportunities tend to be grabbed where-ever his teaching and recruiting takes him and a diversity of his work features on his website and regularly in International Exhibitions.

Bob is also U.K. Co-ordinator of a Tanzanian charity ' Aang Serian' and he is currently building a school in Maasailand with the proceeds of his one-man exhibitions that have been staged in Brighton and Arusha, Tanzania and which features among in his regular camera club lecturing and judging commitments.  Two further one-man exhibitions of the Maasai People and their environments are planned for 2005.

But Bob returns to his first love of natural history and nature photography whenever he has the time to, usually on occasional weeks in a favourite thatched cottage in Dartmoor, or in parallel with his Tanzanian visits to collect indigenous people images for his next exhibition for charity. As a result of his work in funding the building of the Aang Serian Community School near Monduli, Tanzania, Bob was in July 2004 made an Elder of the Maasai Community, one of the greatest honours that the Maasai People can bestow, and one of which he is immensely proud to have received.
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