Roy Galloway
Roy is a retired Chartered Mechanical Engineer and a Principal Consulting Engineer, having spent his early career in the iron and steel industry, and the major part in the design and construction of water and sewerage works, in the UK and overseas. With his wife Barbara, he prefers the freedom of self organised photographic holidays, visiting many areas in Great Britain, the Mediterranean and Africa, and in particular the west coast of North America and the Rocky Mountains, as well as Florida and the Panhandle.

He has a wide interest in all aspects of natural history photography, with a bias to bird photography. His photographic hobby started whilst doing National Service in the Royal Air Force in Aden, now South Yemen, in the early 1950s, where he was seconded to the Aden Protectorate Levies. In those environments dark room work at +100F ambient temperatures was a severe challenge. In those days his equipment was based round the Kodak Retina 3C outfit, later changing to Contax and subsequently in the late 1980's to Minolta. He enjoys dark room work, in both colour and black and white. Since retirement in 1998 he has become involved in digital printing.

He is a member of both the slide and print folios of the Nature Photographers Portfolio; a member and currently Chairman of the 35 Postal Club, contributing to both the natural history slide and print circles and a member of the Aston and Erdington Photographic Society. He enjoys entering print and slide exhibitions, including internationals and seeing other photographers work and discussing the many aspects of our great hobby.
Spotted sandpiper feeding
Contact details;
Roy E. Galloway
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Tel: +44(0)121 353 9902