Tony Howes
Tony has been interested in natural history since school days. One of his earliest memories is a flock of waxwings in the severe winter of 1946-1947, they came out of a snow storm and landed on some hawthorn bushes near his home, he thought then, and now, that they are magical birds. He bought his first camera when he was in his late teens, a Kershaw "King Penguin", a bellows type. It served the purpose for several years, producing black and white prints, he has them to this day. Progressing on to slide film, and eventually to digital, using Canon gear, it seems he has always had a camera of some sort in his hands.

All his photography is done in the UK, as his wife's medical problems make flying unadvisable, but he doesn't mind this at all, he loves the UK in all it's diversity. In Norfolk he has everything one could wish for, just a short distance from home in almost any direction there are good opportunities; woods, heathland, the broads, the coast and lots of farm land.

He grows and plants many varieties of native  trees, also makes and erects many bird boxes, usually large ones for owls, kestrels, etc. It's a point of great pleasure for him that over the last 12 years or so he has become "Daddy" to 58 barn owls. This species came through the winter of 2010-2011 very well in this part of the country, along with small birds like goldcrests, long tailed tits, wrens, chetti's warblers, etc. Just yesterday (1st June 2011) he was photographing one of Britain's rarest butterflies, a swallowtail, confined now to Norfolk. He enjoys immensely what he does, so is a happy man, content with his lot.

Black-tailed godwit

Harvest mouse
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Tony Howes
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